domingo, 1 de agosto de 2010

An invisible brotherhood

Got bitten fingernails
And a head full of the past
And everybody's gone at last

Sweet Sweet smile
That's fading fast,
Cause everybody's gone at last.

Don't get upset about it
No not anymore
There's nothing wrong
That wasn't wrong before.
Had a second alone
With a chance let pass
And everybody's gone at last.

I hope you're not waiting
Waiting 'round for me
Because I'm not going anywhere

Got a broken heart
And your name on my cast
And everybody's gone at last
Everybody's gone at last.

No Name #5 - Elliott Smith
É incrível como existem pessoas que sabem exatamente como nos sentimos, e já se sentiram do mesmo jeito. É um tipo de irmandade, que nunca foi vista e estabelecida.

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